Poland Continues to Shine at SII in H1 FY20

/ December 12, 2019

SII improved its profitability in H1 FY20 despite its reorganization
investments. Its adjusted operating margin was up by 30 bps to 7.2%. France’s margin remained low to 5.6%, improving slightly by 20 bps.

A slight slowdown for SII in Q3 FY19

/ February 13, 2019

SII’s growth in Q3 FY19 slowed down a bit: revenues were up 11.8% yoy and up 12.3% yoy at CC/CS (H1: +14.5% at CC/CS). The relative slowdown came from international operations (+16.6% at CC/CS in Q3, vs. H1: +21.2%), while France was stable at +9.0% in Q3 (H1: 9.1%).