provides, globally, news and analyses about the engineering and R&D services (engineering and research & development / ER&D) industry, also called, R&D outsourcing, engineering services outsourcing or product engineering services (PES).

Currently, we bring an in-depth analysis of key events related to major suppliers in the industry. Over time, we will expand to service offering analysis. was born on the belief that the ER&D services market is on the verge of a significant change: contracts are getting larger; offshore adoption is expanding in the U.S. and Europe; overlapping between  IT services and ER&D services is expanding from embedded software to IoT, cybersecurity, and analytics/big data. Financial models are changing too with the adoption of work packages. There is more on the horizon: 3D printing and augmented reality (AR) are next.

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We hope will help you in understanding better what is going in the world of ER&D services. Enjoy!

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