Accenture Strengthens Industry X in Supply Chain

/ October 7, 2020/ Accenture, M&As (small under $50m in revenues), US

The Third Acquisition in Supply Chain

Accenture made another acquisition for Industry X. The new firm acquired by Accenture is named Myrtle Consulting and is headquartered in Houston, TX. We estimate its headcount to below 200. It is a consultancy firm.

Myrtle Consulting is Accenture X’s third acquisition in the supply chain after that of Silveo and Salt. Initially, we thought that Accenture targeted the SAP capabilities that both Silveo and Salt had in the manufacturing sector. It is now clear that Accenture is also pursuing supply chain expertise, rather than industrial IT only.

Accenture is, therefore, looking to service manufacturing firms from product design and engineering, manufacturing, and logistics. Thus, it wants to service clients with a full product lifecycle service portfolio.

Accenture Will Be A Formidable ER&D Vendor

Should other ER&D vendors also be present in the supply chain? This is a good question. Currently, most ER&D vendors have enough on their plate with product engineering and manufacturing IT to go into the supply chain. However, Accenture, with its size and financial resources, can afford it. We reiterate that Accenture is going to be a formidable competitor in the ER&D space.

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