UPDATED: Altran’s Share Trading Close to Capgemini’s Offer

/ December 3, 2019

Despite regular announcements that Elliott has increased its long positions on Altran’s shares, Altran’s share has been trading in the range of €14.08-14.20, close to Capgemini’s €14 offer. And since the announcement of the take-over, Altran’s share has not gone beyond €14.78.

Capgemini’s Acquisition of Altran Delayed by Elliott by Up to Five Months

/ November 28, 2019

Capgemini’s acquisition of Altran will be delayed by up to six months. Edge Fund Elliott has, through intermediaries, brought, the case to court. The initial ruling on December 4 will decide if the acquisition will be suspended. A final ruling will occur by end of the March at the latest.

Capgemini to acquire Altran for €5.0bn: early thoughts

/ June 24, 2019

Capgemini is to acquire Altran, for €5.0bn, including €3.6bn in cash and Altran’s net debt of €1.4bn (gross debt of €1.8bn). The company has already secured the 11% stake in Altran that Apax Partners holds and will rely on the financing, on its €1bn cash position and a €4.4bn bond issue.