Bertrandt Suffers from its Lack of Diversification in Q2 FY20

/ June 5, 2020

A bit more than two years ago, the share of Bertrandt was above EUR 100 and its market cap above EUR 1bn. Investors liked Bertrandt’s annual growth of 10% and its high-single-digit EBIT margin. Today, Bertrandt’s market cap varies between EUR350-400m, and the financial performance continues to deteriorate.

Bertrandt: Soft Quarter in Q1 FY20

/ February 23, 2020

Bertrandt had a soft quarter in Q1 FY20 (corresponding to calendar Q4 2019): revenues were flat (+0.4%) to EUR 263m, impacted by project delays, and reduced utilization rates in its Digital Engineering (DE) unit (-3.0%). DE, Bertrandt’s largest unit (55% of revenues), suffered from Germany OEMs shifting their R&D spending to digital.

Volkswagen and Ford to work together on commercial vehicles

/ January 15, 2019

As expected, Volkswagen and Ford have provided some detail on their long-awaited partnership. Ford will design and build mid-sized pickups for Volkswagen, with the first vehicles ready in 2022. It will also build large commercial vans, while Volkswagen will develop a city van. In addition, the two firms intend to work together on mobility services, EVs and autonomous vehicles.