Accenture Acquires Two Firms in October YTD

/ October 20, 2019/ Accenture, M&As (small under $50m in revenues), Pharma, UK, US

It has been almost three years since Accenture launched Industry X.0, and we estimate that Accenture acquired nine competitors in these 36 months. The pace is accelerating with Accenture having five competitors in 2019, YTD.

Patterns are now emerging: Accenture makes tuck-in acquisitions, targeting firms with a headcount below 250. So far, Accenture has favored two geographies (the US and UK) and product design and product engineering services (PES), working across verticals (except for one German automotive specialist). In total, Accenture has acquired 1,300 employees in product design and PES, targeting mostly B2C clients.

The industrial world, in terms of client base and vertical-specific capabilities, seems less of a priority for the firm, with Accenture making only one acquisition in digital manufacturing, with an Irish firm specialized in MES. This lack of activity in digital manufacturing is a surprise given that growth on the manufacturing side is accelerating.

Finally, browsing through the many acquisitions of Accenture, we realized that we had left out of the picture Accenture’s software product engineering capabilities. Accenture has those capabilities in a unit called Products and Platform Engineering Services, which seems different from Industry X.0. Products and Platform Engineering Services is at scale, with Accenture highlighting it has 8,000 employees in this unit. In itself, this headcount positions Accenture as a decently-sized ER&D service vendor.

UPDATED: Accenture’s Industry X.0 Acquisitions


DateName / Location
2020-10Myrtle Consulting /
Houston, TX
150 employees
A supply chain consultancy
2020-09Salt Solutions / Würzburg, Germany
Revenues of 65m and a headcount of 500
SAP capabilities around SCM, and to a lower extent production systems
This Industry X’s largest acquisition.
2020-05PLM Systems /
Turino, Italy
60 employees
PLM services, with a specialization around PTC products
2020-05Callisto Integration / Oakville, ON,
160 employees
MES services, shop-flor command and control systems, and industrial IoT
2020-03ESR Labs / Munich, Germany
130 employees
Embedded system services
2019-12Silveo / Paris, France
50 employees
SAP services around manufacturing and supply chain
2019-10Happen / London, UK
60 employees
Product design services for the CPG, retail, and life science industries
Joins Products Industry X.0
2019-10Futuremove Automotive / Beijing, Shanghai, Nanchang and Chengdu
320 employees
A Chinese start-up providing mobility services
Joins Industry X.O
2019-10 Nytec / Kirkland, WA
250 employees
IoT devices and product development services across industries
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2019-08Fairway Tech / San Diego, CA
80 employees
Software product engineering services
Joins Accenture’s Product and Platform Engineering Services (which has a headcount of 8,000)
2019-06Zielpuls / Munich, Germany
150 employees
Services including automated car parking and ADAS architectures for the German automotive industry
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2019-05ESP / Cork, Ireland
200 employees
MES services for the life science industry
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2019-04?What If!, London / UK
150 employees
Focus on brand and customer engagement
Joins Products Industry X.0
2020-02VanBerlo / Eindhoven, NL
90 employees
Product design of connected devices
Joins Products Industry X.0
2018-12Enaxis Consulting / Houston, TX
100 employees
Upstream oil & gas, oilfield services, and airlines
Consulting, analytics and agile development
Joins Accenture’s Energy practice in North America
2018-08Pillar Tech / Columbus, OH
300 employees
Embedded software development
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2018-08Mindtribe / San Francisco, CA
40 employees
Hardware engineering services to the high-tech industry
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2018-08designaffair / Munich, Germany
100 employees
Product design services
Joins Accenture Industry X.0
2017-01Altitude / Boston, 50 employees
Product design services to the CPG, healthcare and high-tech industries
Joins Accenture’s Connected Product Lifecycles Services practice
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