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/ October 11, 2019/ Unknown

The number of readers, like yourself, continues to increase and this motivates us to keep on commenting about the ER&D service industry. We believe that no other website or analyst firm provides the level of timely details and analysis that provides.

In the first two years of our existence, we have mostly focused on the large ER&D vendors, and certainly, with the industry being very fragmented, there were quite a number of ER&D vendors to cover.

While our competitors cover the large vendors in India, DACH, and in France, we are proudly covering smaller vendors in the UK like Ricardo, those with a staffing background in the US, e.g. Belcan, and even in France such as SII.

Having said that, there remains much to cover. Everywhere we look, there are adjacent ER&D markets: such as in the US, with the activity of government service specialists and the infrastructure engineering and construction vendors.

The ER&D industry itself expanding into new territories: digital manufacturing with its focus on IoT, AR/VR, robots and AGVs, digital twins, additive manufacturing, and more common technologies such as MES and control systems, is one key topic that has the attention of not only ER&D vendors, and also IT service providers.

Another key topic is R&D in the pharma industry. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest R&D spender globally. Yet, most ER&D vendors address pharma clients at the digital manufacturing level, not at the product R&D level. As a result, we are gradually expanding our coverage to clinical research organization and have started with Evotec in Europe and Charles River Labs in the US.

Hopefully, you have now understood we will keep on covering and investigating this market. And you can help us. Doing the time of analysis we do requires time and money. We have revised our subscriptions to be more accessible than in the past. So feel free to get in touch and see if you would like to access our premium research.

Let’s stay in touch. We would love you to provide your views on, and what you’d want to see. Contact us at

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