ÅF Pöyry launches a plastics reduction consulting service

/ May 25, 2019/ ÅF Pöyry / AFRY, News, Pöyry

In ER&D’ world of embedded systems, IoT, analytics, and EVs, ÅF Pöyry’s new consulting service comes as fresh air. The company has relaunched a consulting service, initially unveiled in July 2018, around plastic substitution. The new offering, PlasticstoBio, aims to help clients lower their usage of fossil material-based plastics and replace them by bio-plastics.

As one would expect with a consulting service, the approach is structured (i.e., based on a methodology), is comprehensive (covering the process from the supplier and material selection to selection), involves partners (retailers) and will require investment in recycling (for collection, sorting, and logistics). ÅF Pöyry estimates that the transition would take ten years.

Why are were mentioning this service?

For two reasons.

First, among ER&D vendors, very few have consulting capabilities structured in an advisory unit. Altran comes as an exception. Ricardo too. Looking at the IT services industry, consulting represents between 5% of 7% of all spending. Common sense tells that clients, in light of the changes in the industry (service industry, environmental changes), need advisory services, whether technical, program-led or business model-related.

Second, apart from environmental considerations and the positive motivation aspect on their workforce, the largest ER&D vendors have not structured their portfolio around environmental issues. Most of these environmental issues would need to be worked out with partners, for instance, around EV batteries.

In a world of ER&D spending growth, ER&D vendors are more focused on addressing project opportunities and meeting their recruitment targets. Perhaps, they could also differentiate their service portfolio?

Well done ÅF Pöyry!

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