Would you like to contribute to ERDservices.org?

/ May 11, 2019/ Unknown

Do you understand technologies and markets such as 3D printing, manufacturing applications (MES, robot automation software, and CAx/PLM), or IoT platforms, very well? Then, ERDservices.org needs you.

As you know, ERDservices.org is commenting on the engineering and R&D services industry. We continue to expand our coverage of ER&D service vendors.

In parallel, we would like to report to our readers about new potentially disruptive technologies.

If you are proficient in US English, are keen to demonstrate your knowledge to readers, and want to adhere to the writing style of ERDservices.org, there is an opportunity for you to write one comment per week and be part of our team.

Interested? Write to dominique@erdservices.org.

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