Segula open a new delivery center in the east of France

/ April 17, 2019/ Automotive, Delivery, France, PSA, Segula

Segula Technologies has opened a new delivery center, close to Montbéliard, in the east of France. Segula will use the delivery center for its offsite projects, targeting initially the automotive industry (i.e., PSA) and its suppliers. Over time, Segula wants to diversify its client base to other sectors.

The center will also include two “research & innovation centers” focused, for automotive, on digital use cases, AVs, batteries, and recyclable material. It has a surface of 2.5k square meters, suggesting as per French regulations, a potential capacity of 150-200 seats. Segula is planning to hire in 2019 about 30 employees. Segula currently has 300 employees working locally, we assume onsite.

Segula continues to strengthen its presence with the key PSA account (which we assume is its largest client). Last year, Segula partners with the automotive unit of ESG, ESG Mobility, which is present in Rüsselsheim (the Opel headquarters), in China and in the US.

The announcement of this center creation is part of Segula’s effort to increase its share of walled with PSA. The big change will come when Segula finalizes the acquisition of 2k Opel engineers, in Rüsselsheim. The deal will be material for Segula, which currently has a headcount of 12k.

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