Accenture opens another Industry X.O “innovation center”, in Spain

/ April 4, 2019/ Accenture, Delivery, IoT, News

Accenture has opened a new “Industry X.0 Innovation” center. The new center is located in Bilbao, Spain, once an industrial city that has grown significantly in the past twenty years.

The Bilbao center will focus on cybersecurity, along with several areas: industrial intelligence, connected worker, agile operations and service operations. It complements similar centers in France, Germany, Italy, and the US.

Another sign that competition from Accenture is heating up with Accenture gradually deploying its model based on digital centers, its CoEs, global sourcing, and client proximity. Accenture has proven that its model works effectively combining 10% growth (including 2% of M&As on average) and high profitability (by onshore standards), at the corporate level. Not bad for a company with USD 40bn in revenues!

The message is clear for ER&D services: the ER&D service market is fast-growing but ER&D service pure-plays that have not shifted their service portfolio, delivery presence, and organizational structure will feel the pain from efficient vendors with Accenture. Not to forget that Accenture has other assets such as a large consulting arm, a focus on IP, and a large product design presence with Fjord.


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