Assystem Technologies rebrands as Expleo

/ February 6, 2019/ Assystem, Expleo (fomerly Assystem Technologies), News, Software Testing

Assystem Technologies and all its affiliates, including SQS, have rebranded as Expleo. The term Expleo refers to the Latin verb explere, which means to complete and to satisfy.

The Assystem Technologies brand was a new brand, created 18 months when PE Ardian acquired the Global Product Solutions division of Assystem. Assystem had mentioned the two brands, Assystem and Assystem Technologies, were confusing in its effort to recruit young talent. 

Also, Assystem Technologies with the acquisition of the world’s largest software testing pure-play, SQS, had a much broader scope and service portfolio than Global Product Solutions had.

Expleo has a particular profile in the ER&D service industry, with approximately €350m in revenues (out of €1bn in total revenues) coming from a very specific IT services activity, software testing services (also known as QA in the industry).  SQS brought a diversified vertical presence, with a strong presence in BFSI, and a diversified geographical footprint, and has helped re-balancing the profile Global Product Solutions, from France and the automotive and aerospace sectors.

The challenge of Expleo is to bridge its QA capabilities and its expertise in embedded systems and mechanical engineering. The bridging of these activities will come from digital, in the context of Digital Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 and embedded systems. This is an exciting challenge, which will require several years of portfolio transformation.

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