GlobalLogic hires a head of Europe

/ November 28, 2018/ BMW, Germany, GlobalLogic

PE firm, Partners Group, continues to drive change at GlobalLogic. The private equity firm seems eager to act fact, since its acquisition of a 48% stake in GlobalLogic in August 2018. It has created a new position of head of Europe and appointed Mr. Rolf Werner.

We usually do not comment on individual appointments, but that one is interesting for two reasons: first it signals growth ambitions for GlobalLogic, which mostly operates in the US, in spite of having 4k FTEs in Ukraine.

The second reason why this appointment is exciting is the background of the new head of Europe: Mr. Werner worked previously for Fujitsu Technology Solutions as head of Central Europe. Before that, he worked at T-Systems. In short, Mr. Werner has a background in IT services and potentially in hardware, but apparently not in ER&D services. Mr. Werner is based in Munich, which suggests experience serving BMW. We’d love GlobalLogic to tell us more…

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