QuEST Global Soon To Acquire in France

/ September 2, 2018/ Aerospace, Automotive, France, Healthcare, India, M&A (large, with revenues above $50m), M&As (small under $50m in revenues), QuEST

QuEST Global Services indicated in an interview with the Indian newspaper, Business Standard, that it is contemplating a significant acquisition. Business Standard mentioned the USD 200m number, but it was not very clear whether this number indicated the price to pay or the revenues of the target. QuEST also highlighted it is targeting France, and is looking at expanding its digital portfolio, mostly around AI and analytics.

The article provided little detail but is consistent with the fact that QuEST has acquired in Germany, and in Spain, but still is mostly under scale in Europe’s second largest ER&D market. Will QuEST be bright and target life science, the accelerating nuclear engineering market, or aircraft production engineering and/or after-market services? Or will it buy market share into Airbus, PSA, or Renault? Airbus still is a possible play, but PSA and Renault probably are done deals, for now. In all likelihood, QuEST will have to be smart!

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