QuEST Global Acquires Engineering Community in Spain and Strengthens its Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

/ June 18, 2018/ M&As (small under $50m in revenues), Mechanical Engineering, QuEST, Spain, Technical documentation

QuEST Global continues to roll out its M&A program, with the acquisition of a mechanical engineering specialist, Engineering Community (engicom).

engicom is based in Barcelona Spain, provides mechanical engineering services, has a prototyping and testing facility, and also does small series manufacturing. The company has a specialization in light-way product components (carbon fiber and aluminum). Its client base includes the power, automotive, and high-tech industries. engicom has 75 FTEs

I have to say this acquisition is a bit of a surprise, for several reasons: the recent Exiland and Mobiliya acquisitions point to investment in digital technologies, e.g., mobile and AI, and also IT services, with India at its core. engicom positions QuEST back into its core of mechanical engineering services and in one of its largest markets in Europe, Spain, where many years ago, in 2011, QuEST had acquired INTERFACE, an embedded systems specialist.

In all likelihood, QuEST has gained enough presence in Europe in the past two years, with the acquisition in automotive ER&D in Germany, DETECH, and IT Six Global, an IT services and embedded systems specialist based in Romania. Also with IT Six Global, and engicom, QuEST now has a comprehensive nearshore delivery value proposition. Time to look at the US and India again!


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