Belcan Acquires Allegiant and Jump Starts its Automotive Sector

/ June 15, 2018/ Belcan, M&As (small under $50m in revenues), US

Belcan made its first M&A of the year with the acquisition of Indianapolis, IN-headquartered Allegiant International. Allegiant has a diversified client base, across automotive, aerospace, defense, medical devices, and supply chain.

Allegiant brings a presence in the automotive sector, with GM as an important client, that Belcan did not have, and also brings supply chain capabilities. This acquisition differs from past M&As, which, under the ownership of AE Industrial Partners, which had been oriented around US government services, and aerospace & defense.

For the rest, the exact nature of what Allegiant is a bit of a mystery. The company describes itself as a “professional services network with more than 750 professionals in three lines of service: advisory, tactical operations, and technical services”. It does not seem that Allegiant has 750 FTEs in its payroll but provides access to 750 subcontractors.



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