UPDATED: Segula finalizes its outsourcing contract with PSA. Reduced scope!

/ August 30, 2019

PSA finalized its outsourcing contract with Segula, almost one year after it was announced. Looking at the details, the scope of the contract is much smaller than expected, with the people transfer initially involving 700 employees, rather than the 2,000 expected. Segula has agreed to take over the new engineers and guaranteed similar wages and benefits and also purchasing buildings and facilities.

Akka sends mixed signals in Q2

/ August 8, 2019

Akka surprised investors with a CC/CS revenue growth slowdown in Q2 2019: revenues were up 5.1% yoy at CC (vs. 6.6% in Q1). Utilization declined by 50 bps yoy, and attrition (excluding PDS Tech) was up by a massive 530 bps, to 23.3%.

Capgemini to acquire Altran for €5.0bn: early thoughts

/ June 24, 2019

Capgemini is to acquire Altran, for €5.0bn, including €3.6bn in cash and Altran’s net debt of €1.4bn (gross debt of €1.8bn). The company has already secured the 11% stake in Altran that Apax Partners holds and will rely on the financing, on its €1bn cash position and a €4.4bn bond issue.

Segula open a new delivery center in the east of France

/ April 17, 2019

Segula Technologies has opened a new delivery center, close to Montbéliard, in the east of France. Segula will use the delivery center for its offsite projects, targeting the automotive industry (i.e., PSA) and its suppliers initially. Over time, Segula wants to diversify its client base to other sectors.

Assystem guides for 10% revenue growth in 2019

/ March 22, 2019

Assystem’s 2018 earnings were in line with its guidance. The company already had communicated its revenue performance, with a disappointing H1 (+0.8% at CC/CS) and a very good H2 (+13.2%).